Bms Pro with power switch 12s 60A

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Many wheel bildrs having problem with embeding a power switch into their build, due to the power switch has to deliver heavy current load when powering up the vesc, a normal sized switch is impossible to handle current this high, usually an anti spark switch is used in this case, however, its a relatively unrelieable way to use an antispark switch,  during the time the vesc is powering up, a current spike might reach few thousands of amps which leads to failed mosfets, not to mention the cost of one antispark switch may cost even more than 30$. 

The smart bms solves this problem by designing a precharge circuits into the power stage, once the signal cable of the bms is shorted, the power stage precharges the big capacitors in the vesc, in this case, mosfets will be gently switched on by a mcu so the boot up current is regulated to prevent any mosfet failure.

There are 8 pieces of mosfets in the power stage on the bms, theoretically it can deliver 960A of power, in the software, its limitied to 60amps(continues) and 120amps(less than 60 seconds) which is way more than enough for a onewheel build which is usually under 10A of output during crusing.

The bms is assembmled with aluminum heatsink then injection molded for better weather proof, the fail rate is 1 out of 200k according to the manufacture data, it is almost the most reliable bms you can get on the market. 



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